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IguanaWORLD Habitat - Step 8 (Installing the Doors)

Description: Install the front sliding glass doors and complete the door frame

Material List:

Qty Size Description Usage
1 8"x3/4"x72" Melamine Shelving Top Filler Board
1 57 3/8"x59.5" Frameless Tub Door (1/4" Clear Safety Glass) Doors
1 Tube Window and Door Caulking Caulking
1 Box - #8x3/4" Wood Screws Secure Trim
1 Box - #8x1 1/4" Wood Screws Secure Trim

With the door frame complete (bottom oak and both sides - top oak piece hasn't been cut yet) Measure and cut the bottom rail of the sliding glass door kit to fit the inside opening perfectly. Place it in place, it is not secured, just draped in place for now.

Place both side rails over the bottom rail, and secure the left and right rails to the oak frame with the screws and rubber bumpers provided.

Just another photo for clarification purposes!

With the bottom and side rails securely mounted, the top rail is measured and cut similiar to the bottom rail. The top rail, like the bottom rail, is simply draped over the side rails - it is not secured.

At this point you'll notice a gap between the top of the doors and the habitat top. For those worried about ventilation, you can screen this in with hardware cloth. I chose to close it off for a finished look, and to stiffen the structure. Ventilation is fine either way.

I chose to rip a length of melamine paneling to the width and height of the opening left over from the door frame installation.

At this time I also cut a piece of oak trim the width of the enclosure - this will support the filler piece and tie the top of the structure together

This part gets weird. Remove the top piece of aluminum channel created in the previous step for now. Press fit the filler piece in over the top frame rail - if you cut it right it should stay. Reinstall the aluminum channel you just removed and secure it with screws.

Take the piece of oak trim you just cut and install it now with screws. This piece of oak ties the frame together and pulls the front panels flush for a completed look on the front.

Hang the door panels, by lifting the door panels up and into the top rail. They will hang - check for ease of motion now. Slide both doors all the way to the right and install the door spacer unit now.

The spacer attaches with two supplied screws

Check again for smooth operation and tweak as necessary. Caulk the entire frame opening - You should have a finished opening now

Construction Time : 1 Hour



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