Note : Sizes are not exact - your measurements may vary - this is a guide ONLY

IguanaWORLD Habitat - Step 3 (Back and Sides)

Description: melamine sheathed walls with aluminum channel corner reinforcements

Material List:

Qty Size Description Usage
4 3/4"x36"x72" Melamine Sheeting Side and Back Panels
2 1"x1"x72"x.50" Aluminum L Channel Corner Reinforcements
4 1"x1"x36"x.50" Aluminum L Channel Wall to Floor Reinforcements
1 3/4"x10"x72" Melamine Shelving Center Connector
1 10"x72" White Wire Shelving Center Ladder
1 Tube White Silicone Caulk Waterproof all Seams
1 Bag Wire Shelving Nylon Anchors Secure Wire Shelf to Center
1 Box #8x3/4" Wood Screws (Zinc Coated) Fasteners

Note: Basically attach one wall to one half of rear wall using the aluminum channel and #8 screws - mount both pieces on base unit and secure both halves of the back wall with a 10" wide melamine shelf forming a center spine. Attach wire shelving unit to center spine to form ladder - all sizing is estimated, please measure everything before you cut. In the case of the wire shelving, it comes from home depot with a lip. Use a jigsaw and fine metal cutting blade to trim the lip away leaving a flat wire "ladder" for climbing. The white nylon anchors will secure the climbing ladder to the center spine and allow your Iguana access to all shelves within the unit.

Note: The walls sit on the base unit inside the lip of the base. They are secured to the base using the aluminum channel provided - this anchors them well after they have been caulked. Make sure your walls are cut to provide a -1" gap between the wall and the front lip of the base - this leaves room for the " boards that make up the front of the unit.

Note: Remember I designed this for a minimum of cuts? If you don't want sawdust EVERYWHERE, Home Depot will rip the full size Melamine panels to size for you. Of course it will cost .50/per cut but makes life so much easier. If you cut them yourself, please use a very fine toothed blade, such as a formica blade. Melamine will chip if you don't, leaving an unattractive edge behind. If in doubt, score the line with a shop knife before cutting, and use masking tape to keep the saw from marring the surface..

Construction Time : About 2.0 hours



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