IguanaWORLD was created following the discovery that that cute little green lizard in the Pet Shop tank would soon grow to be in excess of six feet. Purchased in the Spring of 2000, my new pal Maurice rapidly grew, effectively doubling in length in the first few months and outgrowing the 55 gallon aquarium he was raised in. (see below)

After researching Iguana care on Melissa Kaplans Green Iguana Site, I learned several things that ANY person contemplating an Iguana should know;

1. Iguanas are expensive to keep and house properly
2. Iguanas are difficult to care for and have very unique needs
3. Iguanas live to 20 years, and poop like medium sized dogs
3. Iguanas have razor sharp claws and teeth, and powerful tails

I researched my options. I live in a garden style apartment so my options were limited - I also knew though that whatever I did, it would have to be easy on the eyes.

I looked at various cage plans, and although they were very nice, none suited my needs. Commercial cages were too small, and expensive to boot. One company, Custom Cages, had a great design created from Melamine and I ordered one (\\$900.00). Trouble was they were slow on the promise and after several weeks, I called and cancelled.

So there I was, with a good idea, no plans, and a credit card. Whats so tough about making a big white cube anyway? Nothing it turns out! Construction time was less than a few nights with a circular saw, a power screwdriver, a jigsaw, and several sharp pencils.

The finished product holds the heat well, provides microclimates, is moisture resistant, easy to clean, and meets the heat and humidity needs of Iguanas. The doors are 1/4" safety glass and slide to allow easy step in access. If your interested in how it went together, click the links below to get started - if you use anything outlined here, or you have questions on it's construction, drop me a line and let me know! Thanks



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