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IguanaWORLD Habitat - The Final Touches


Set your timers, test your lights, install your wood accessories, place your cage furniture, install your temperature and humidity gauges, and sit back to relax...

Some Final Thoughts. My total time on this project was about 20 hours - and that was designing it as I went. Anyone with basic skills should be able to build this in a weekend or two without much trouble. Costs will vary but expect to pay anywhere from \$700-$1000 depending on how you furnish it. The basic enclosure, minus the recessed lighting could be done for as little as $400-$500 dollars. The big ticket items were the doors ($225) the vines ($108) and the electrical (lighting, wiring, and timers - $225) - the Melamine itself ran me about $225.00 dollars for everything. A deal really when you consider this habitat bought commercially (just the cage - nothing else) would run around $900.00 dollars, and would be smaller. 7.5x6x3 versus 6x5x30"

The Holmes Cool Mist Humidifier (which is currently installed in the lagoon) cost $49.00, and was purchased at Target. It keeps the interior at an 65%-70% humidity automatically and needs refilling about once every 3 days. I have a seperate container of water on the top basking shelf for swimming and pooping - the higher location makes cleaning easier too. When Maurice gets bigger, I'll start using the lagoon.

Maurice has a place to hide with a Timber Hide Away Box located on the first shelf. It also serves as a mounting point for my humidity gauge. I paid $7.00 for it as a damaged good at my local pet shop. I don't think Maurice cares it's missing a wall!

Finally, the thing that most people notice first is the great tree trunk I have inside. If your interested, it is actually two pieces of 90 year old Tokay Grape Vine. They were purchased from Big Apple Herp ( for $49.00 apiece and then attached to create one large climbing structure.

My Iguana LOVES it, and they came completely treated and debarked, ready for installation. I can't recommend them highly enough, they were pricey but well worth the money I spent. If you have special requirements, the people at Big Apple Herp are more than willing to work with you to secure the piece you need.

I can be reached at for any questions - comments - or criticism, and if you need more clarification let me know, and I'll get back to you promptly.

PS If you decide to go this route, or this document helps you, drop me a line - I'd be interested in hearing your experiences - Good Luck!


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